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For better or worse: look no further for a business partner. You may already have a perfect match—your spouse.
Military Puts Its Story Online.
The Advocate sex poll: the 1,800+ gays, lesbians, and bisexuals who took our online sex survey revealed both their passions and their weaknesses - The Sex Issue.
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Online Dating
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Passion Parties President Helps Baby Boomers Rediscover Romance in 'The Boomers' Guide to Online Dating' by Judsen Culbreth.
Ashanti: answers critics & doubters.
How to tell if he's cheating.
WWW.TEAMDATING.COM Offers Safer, Less Stressful, and More Natural Way to Meet People Online, Through Their 'Team of Friends' Dating Approach.
National Singles Week Highlights Growing Popularity of Online Dating With Single Americans; New Research Shows Internet Is Modern Day 'Singles Scene'
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Woo You Be My Valentine? - online matchmaking services - Abstract - Brief Article.
Love at first byte - Love Bytes: The Online Dating Handbook for Internet users - Brief Article.
Better dating through circuitry: Gay singles looking for relationships rather than just sex are finding success via the Internet - Love & Sex On The Internet.
Focus: Online dating - Confessions of a Gaydar junkie.
Ohio memory: An online scrapbook of Ohio history.
Deciphering the Technobabble. unveils Dating Zone.
7th Internet Dating Conference To Be Held February 1-2, 2006 in Miami, Florida.
"My boyfriend's secret … for amazing sex!"
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Need Groomsmen Gift Ideas Right Now?
Wedding Plans: How do you choose entertainment?
Some Tips To Help You Choose The Best Location For Your Wedding
More Colors To Think About For Your Wedding
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Take Great Wedding Portraits That the Pro Would Not
Choosing a Wedding Cake - Add Some Taste To Your Special Day
How to Be More Videogenic: The Sequel
What You Need to Seduce a woman
Know How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress For Years
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Online Dating Services Trump Traditional Dating
Wonderful Details and Facts for Those individuals Traversing Online Dating
How To Stop Your Breakup - Stop Breakup Even If It Seems Impossible
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Internet Resources
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Online Dating Guru To The Word Wide Singles Out There
10 Online Dating Safety Tips
Five Ways to Sneak Off & Celebrate Valentines Day
Pick Up Artist Techniques
Russian Dating Russian women in the 21st Century
Dating Answers for Men and Ladies including Tips and Recommendations
Behaviour that Ruins a Marriage ? I
Dating Tip : A Loser's Guide to Success in the Dating Game (Part 1)
How to Celebrate Valentines on a Budget
A Breakthrough Way to Never Get Rejected by Women
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How to Know if You Have Sexually Seduced a Woman
Online Dating And Mistakes People Make
Think You Know How To Flirt?
How To Tell The Difference Between Love And Lust
Is All Men Unfaithful?
How Do I Get My Ex Back - How To Get Back Together With My Ex
3 Online Dating Tips That Nobody Told You About
How Do I Get My Ex Back - How To Get My Ex Back Even If The Odds Is Against Me
Manners-ism, How Etiquette may be the Next Avant-garde
Unique Gifts For Men
Free Dating - Try Your Luck Online, You Just Might Be Lucky!
Use These 6 Steps To Overcome Your Fear With Women
Writing an Online Dating Profile: Common Pitfalls to Avoid
100 Free Online Dating Services
The Importance of Your Dating Site Profile
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