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The Ohio Memory Online Scrapbook is a project coordinated by the Ohio Historical Society that presents online items dating from prehistory to 1903, including letters, diaries, historical photographs, clothing, furniture, prehistoric artifacts and government records.

Online scrapbookThe collections document important milestones in history, such as the signing of the Treaty of Greenville and the Wright Brothers' first flight. Other collections, such as prehistoric artifacts, handmade quilts and family letters, offer glimpses into the everyday lives of past generations of Ohioans.

Visitors to the electronic scrapbook can search for specific information by subject, contributing organization and geographic area. The electronic scrapbook is organized into five categories for easy navigation: Ohio Citizenship, Economy, People, Culture and Environment.

Items provided by Sandusky Library for the Ohio Memory Project include images and artifacts from Johnson's Island Civil War Prison Camp, including prisoner letters and diaries; documents from the cholera epidemic of 1840-1850; excerpts of the Lincoln-Douglas debates; images of early bands and musicians; view of Sandusky print, 1854; Mr. Punch; images and documents of the first City Water Works; Sandusky Tool Co. planes; Follett family photos; and ice and fishing industry photos and tools.

As stated by Ohio Historical Society Executive Director Gary C. Ness, "The mission of the Ohio Memory Project is to provide access to the historical treasures of Ohio, bringing together primary sources from all parts of the state."

Cover to Cover, Sandusky (OH) Library, Winter 2003

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