"My boyfriend's secret … for amazing sex!"

As a faithful reader of your magazine, I just had to tell your readers about a recent experience I had with my boyfriend.

First, let me just say he is a great guy. But, after dating for six months, it seemed he was having confidence issues in AND out of bed. It was having a real negative effect on his sexual prowess and let's face it, with any new relationship, it usually doesn't last very long without a real strong sexual connection. My dilemma was that I really liked the guy.

"My boyfriend's secret … for amazing sex!"Thankfully, I didn't have to make a difficult decision because everything changed a few days ago. I came home from work and he basically tore my clothes off before I even made it through the door. Right there on the stairs he practically pounced on me. Confident, aggressive, he made all the right moves. I definitely felt sensations I'd never felt before ... in places I forgot existed. We made love for what seemed like an eternity. I never knew what some of my friends meant when they said the earth moved from having sex--I do now. "I can honestly say it was the best sex I've ever had in my entire life!"

When I asked him what was going on--what brought about the change--he wouldn't answer me. So I did what any red-blooded American woman would do, I started snooping. It didn't take me long to figure out his secret. In his underwear drawer under the "men's magazines", was a tube of Connection. After reading the fine print and finding the website, I went online to to discover more about this magic in a tube.

Connection (of which I'm having my boyfriend buy a lifetime supply) is a lotion that is applied topically to either the clitoris or the penis. An all natural mix of herbs and who knows what, brings blood flow straight to the source--that's when amazing things start to happen. He achieves harder, stronger erections and my orgasms go through the roof! We aren't into taking pills of any kind--not even aspirin--so I was relieved to find he was using something topical without any systemic side effects. Unless you want to think of great sex as a side effect, because that's definitely what's going on at our place--ALL the time!

So ... please print this letter. Anyone who wants to experience mind-blowing intimacy has to try Connection. They need to tell their boyfriends, husbands or partners about this product. Or just "accidentally" leave a tube lying around for them to "accidentally" find. I really want to thank the woman who developed Connection--only a woman could design something that feels this good.


P.S., Let your readers know I'm pretty sure they can still get a FREE MONTH SUPPLY of Connection with their order by calling 1-800-660-9538 or by visiting their website at Oh and even better, their product is backed by a 90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee.