Dating Tip A Losers Guide to Success in the Dating Game Part

There is a familiar saying that goes like this : Nice guys always finish last. And what do we call guys who always finish last? Yes, that's right. Losers. That is the painful price to pay for being a loser. And when it comes to the dating game, losers inevitably find themselves at the wrong end of countless rejections.

But you certainly can't fault them for not trying. Or maybe they tried too hard to be a nice guy. And they just don't understand why the women they are interested in always fall for someone who is obviously richer and better looking, but is obnoxious, rude, has got a stinking attitude, and a complete jerk. Are you one of the losers? If yes, then I can understand how you are feeling right now.

But fret not, because I am here to help you. In this dating tip guide, I will help transform you from a hopeless loser into an unstoppable winner in the dating game. Oh, don't worry.

At the end of it all, you can still retain your nice guy image. So let's get started, shall we? The 2 key elements : Spontaneity and Unpredictability As a loser, you really despise those guys who are complete jerks, and who seem to be able to get any lady they want almost effortlessly. But just how on earth did they do it? Let us take a look at their characters. They are usually spontaneous, unpredictable, mysterious, always fun to be with, and have a I-don't-give-a-damn attitude. They basically set their own rules, and never let anyone mess around with them. And yes, they always look good and feel confident.

So where do you start? You can start off by being unpredictable and mysterious. I know you are very excited when you got her number. But hang on.

Don't call her immediately. What you are doing here is to keep her guessing and wondering when are you going to call, or if you are going to call at all. And when you do finally make the call, suggest some nice and safe ideas out of the blue to catch her completely off guard. Something like : "Let's go sip some coffee/get some ice cream", or this, "Let's go for a walk by the sea and see where it leads us to." You may surprised by your new-found spontaneity, but your lady will soon warm up to your unpredictability.

Be confident and decisive It is a well-known fact that women will go nuts over men who are confident and decisive, and will always give them something to lean on. So when you are out on a date with your woman, take control of the whole situation. Always prepare a back-up plan, so that you don't have to wait another 2 hours for a dinner table.

Show your flexibility too, just in case she tells you that she prefers spaghetti, or that she likes some soothing music. Go for a low cost solution, like bringing her to watch her favorite kind of romantic movie, or bring her down to Starbucks for her favorite coffee. No need to go for extravagance; simplicity is the way to go. Because the fact is, if she is interested in you, then it doesn't matter if it is a simple date. She just want your company. Pay attention to what she says Pay attention.

This is probably an area where a loser has a slight edge. Women always prefer verbal communication, and would love to have someone as a listening ear. So this is very simple : When she talks, you listen. But don't just listen, and think about something else.

Take note of what she is telling you. She may reveal her favorite singer, her favorite movie star, her favorite dress, her favorite novel, and so on. And she will be so impressed if you can rattle off all the details about the things that mean a lot to her. End of part 1.

Wyatt Lee has a passion for writing, and he writes extensively on the subject of dating and romance. For part 2 of the above article, please visit his Dating Tip blog.

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