How to Know if You Have Sexually Seduced a Woman

Believe it or not, there are many signs - both subtle and grossly revealing - that could tell when you have already successfully seduced someone. It could occur almost spontaneously. It is important that you be sensitive to such signs. The following are good signs that will help you know if a woman has appropriately responded to your preening, seductive and sexual gestures.

The way she uses her mouth Observe how she acts with her mouth. If you see her biting her lips or showing some teeth, she is so very much interested in what you could possibly offer. See what she does with her lips. Does she lick it? If she is running her tongue right along her teeth, specifically the ones in front? If so, she is so into you.

And who knows where else she wants to be with you. Go and find out. The way she rubs herself See how she touches or rubs her cheeks or chin.

If she does these, it could very well mean that she is thinking of how the two of you could relate in some way. Be careful though as she should be doing this while looking straight at you. If she does this act while looking at the chicken roasting on the restaurant's grill, it would be best if you check how much she weighs. She may be attracted more to eating that chicken more than you.

What is she doing while talking to you? Is she stroking slowly and gently that cocktail or wine glass down and up and vice versa using her index finger and thumb as you are talking with her? That could mean a body language that is very serious and could spell a night of delirious pleasure. For both of you of course. She gazes at you longingly Believe it or not, there have been studies conducted at a Chicago university that showed that when one looks at someone or something they definitely like, the eyes of one's pupils become enlarged. An unpleasant scene meanwhile causes the pupils to contract. Dr. Hess, Eckhard of the same Chicago university do not attribute this to the quantity of light entering the eyes and is not in any way controlled by one's nervous system.

She smiles, and smiles big A face that is relaxed as well as a smile that is big and with both upper and lower teeth that is showing definitely translate to interest, and a lot of openness to what else would come. Where are her legs pointed at? A woman that has her legs crossed while talking with you and slowly starts to point them towards you, or if that leg is rocking forth and back towards your position, that is her way of telling you she is interested and may want to know you more than the usual manner. Do not let this opportunity pass.

Know her as much as she wants to know you. After which, the two of you could make more than beautiful music together. All in all, there are a lot of signs that tell and show she may be interested in you, on you, through you, on top of you, under you. All you have to do is be more sensitive to what she wants and needs. It could be you she ultimately wants and needs.

Having trouble meeting women? Check out this excellent guide on the seduction of women from a womans point of view on the art of seduction!

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