A Breakthrough Way to Never Get Rejected by Women

One of the worst feelings in the world is being rejected by a woman when you're trying to start a conversation with her. Not only is she turning you down, she's also making you feel like there is something wrong with you. Although you know it has anything to do with you, rejection still hurts. In fact, this pain is so bad many guys avoid talking to women simply from a fear of rejection. However there is a very simple technique which can virtually eliminate any chance of rejection! Want to know what it is? Well I'll explain this technique in a little bit.

First I wanted to talk about a typical way a lot of guys approach women. This will illustrate why my breakthrough technique is probably the best way to approach women. Let me explain. If you've ever been to a bar or club with loud music, you might have seen a guy pulling a move which is almost always rejected.

What this guy will do is lurk around the dance floor looking for an available woman. His next move is to approach his target woman from behind and start grinding up against her. Pulling this kind of maneuver really annoys women. Not only is he invading her personal space without permission, he comes across as a desperate idiot. Any guy who does this is likely to get pushed away or slapped.

This crap happens all the time, yet many men think this is an acceptable way to pick up women. Another problem with this technique is the guy hasn't set himself up as somebody a woman would like to meet. Her first impression is his crotch pressing up against her backside.

As you can see, this is a pretty lousy way to approach a woman! Now as I promised before, there is a method I commonly use which practically eliminates all chance of rejection. It's simple. When you see an interesting woman, lock eyes on her and wait. Eventually she'll look your way.

Once she does, give a warm smile and wave at her. If she smiles and waves back, approach her and start a conversation. Seems pretty basic right? Well you would be surprised at the number of guys who fail to use this technique. It works like magic because when a woman smiles back at you and waves, she's indicating a level of interest in you. By smiling and waving back, this woman has given you the green light to go talk to her.

Since she's already aware of your presence and has smiled at you, there is very little chance of rejection. To recap, the next time you're out at bar or club, take the time to observe your surroundings and find a woman you like to know more about. Make eye contact with her, smile and then wave. If she gives you a "come-hither" look, then walk up and start talking to her. I guarantee you won't be rejected!.

Are you having trouble meeting and attracting women? Well find out how to meet women without fear of rejection! Just take a look at Scott Patterson's FREE ebook: Seduction Secrets...Revealed! to receive top secret advice on how to approach and attract women.

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