Pick Up Artist Techniques

Sometimes the first thing guys want to do when they meet a girl is show her that they understand GAME. They'll start talking about evolution, alpha males, how girls will always cheat on their boyfriends, how they know girls like intimacy more than guys etc. From now on, I will refer to this nonsense as "The Talk of Death". Let me explain why, and also give you a very counter-intuitive idea of what to do instead.

The kinds of things we learn in pick-up generally make very poor conversation topics with women. Especially hot ones. It might work with the social anthropologist grad student, but to the girl that any man in his right mind would be attracted to, there are a few major things wrong with this strategy: (BTW - if you do happen to run into a girl that loves this kind of stuff, by all means talk about it, I'm just saying it should not be used as an ATTRACTION strategy for most of the female population) 1.

It puts her on the defensive. It's exactly like one country revealing it's battle plans to another country that it is at war with. It shows that you are "thinking too much" about the dynamic, which not only is a huge turn off, but also makes her think you're going to be a mind-trip. Not good. 2. Chances are, her awareness level is about 10% of yours.

Especially if you're keeping up on my newsletters. This is a concept called "Stepped Awareness". Have you ever tried played a song you LOVED for a friend and they just didn't get it? It's because their awareness didn't go through the same process that yours had - and resulted in you really liking the song.

To a girl who spends the majority of her time thinking about new shoes, celebrities and her problems with her boss, your talk about "the unique mating patters of the bonobo apes and how it relates to girls in the club" is just too alien and weird for her. This is the same reason why you'll sometimes see the biggest AFC ever with a smoking hot girl. He's normal, and she can easily introduce him to her friends without embarrassment! 3.

To a girl that DOES understand it; you talking about it make it seem like a big deal, when it should be plainly obvious. 5-10% of women actually DO get this stuff. It's obvious, intuitive and accepted for them.

These women tend to also like women, capable of open relationships, and generally a lot of fun. But here's the thing - the guys they end up dating ALSO get this stuff intuitively. And when you get something intuitively, you'll never go out of your way to convince another person of it, or explain it like it's some huge revelation! So the minute you do, the girls who are most eligible for the lifestyle you're looking for, will automatically disqualify you. So. What to do instead? Well - one of the most powerful techniques I use is this: **Understand society's programming, understand her specific programming, and appear to be under the exact same programming.

** Keep your knowledge of REALITY to yourself (and of course, if you figure out anything amazing, I would appreciate it if you share it on my forum as well) You're going to see a big difference in your game. And I want to be part of it.

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