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Ask Iyanla Dear Iyanla,I am a 29-year-old teacher married now for four years. I found out my husband views online porn all night. How could this be? We had sex at least twice a day before I found out, so why would he need this? I tried to bury this horrible experience, but I still can't bring myself to love him


For better or worse: look no further for a business partner. You may already have a perfect match—your spouse Meeting someone special, falling in love, getting engaged, planning a wedding, living the everyday reality of a marriage. Millions of Americans have taken the plunge until death do us part. In fact, according to Census data, there were 57 million married couple households in 2003


Military Puts Its Story Online The Internet offers users worldwide an unprecedented amount of news and commentary about the war in Iraq. But unlike the last war in the Persian Gulf region, Web surfers can obtain a wealth of information about the military units currently fighting to topple Saddam Hussein.


The Advocate sex poll: the 1,800+ gays, lesbians, and bisexuals who took our online sex survey revealed both their passions and their weaknesses - The Sex Issue What sexual habits, history, and hesitancies will the average gay, lesbian, or bisexual admit to? The Advocate went to its Web site,, to find out. While the results of this voluntary online survey are hardly scientific, they do present a revealing snapshot of the sexual ethics and ideals of many of the magazine's readers--at least those who were willing to kiss and.


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Passion Parties President Helps Baby Boomers Rediscover Romance in 'The Boomers' Guide to Online Dating' by Judsen CulbrethSassy 63 Year-Old Leader of Romance Co. Gives Passion Tips in New Online Dating BookLAS VEGAS, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Passion Parties(R) President Pat Davis provides romance tips for mature women re-entering the world of

Ashanti: answers

Ashanti: answers critics & It's free! Save it.PRINCESS Ashanti is back with a vengeance. After weathering a couple of troubled years in paradise and maintaining a low profile, the honey-voiced artist is back on the record charts with a superhot CD

How to tell if he's

How to tell if he's cheatingONCE upon a time, your heart was at ease and all was well in paradise. Back then, your man made it clear that you were a top priority,


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National Singles Week Highlights Growing Popularity of Online Dating With Single Americans; New Research Shows Internet Is Modern Day 'Singles Scene'More Than 60,000 New People Register on Each Day; Offers Free Trial to New Registrants