Some Tips To Help You Choose The Best Location For Your Wedding

When deciding where to have your wedding, there are certainly many choices available. You can be married in a very traditional manner at a church or synagogue, at the local city hall, or at someone's home. Outdoor ceremonies can be very beautiful, as long as the weather cooperates. Other couples opt to be married at a hotel or resort, and have the reception on site. In deciding which option is right for you, the first thing to determine is the type of wedding you desire.

Will it be formal or a more casual event? Would you like to have the wedding and reception at the same location? How many people will you be inviting? What types of services are included in the price, and which are extras? For the vast majority of engaged couples, budget considerations are an important part of planning the wedding. Most places that can host a wedding will try to work with you to keep the cost within your price range. If you love the venue but can't afford a full sit down dinner, ask about pricing for a buffet meal; some couples opt for a morning ceremony with a brunch to follow, which is more economical than an evening meal. Having an evening ceremony with a cocktail reception is another option. Be sure that the location you choose is large enough to accommodate the number of guest you have invited. Fire regulations aside, it simply isn't comfortable to have a large group of wedding guests jammed together in a too-small room.

By the same token, you don't need a large ballroom to seat 50 people. In addition, the management of a large reception facility may have a policy stating that you must pay for a certain number of guests and you certainly don't want to be charged for people that aren't in attendance. If the location is either too large for your gathering or too small for guests to be seated comfortably, then it's not the right place for your wedding, no matter what the pricing is like. The next thing to consider when looking for that perfect spot to hold your wedding is what types of services they provide. A hotel, country club, or catering hall would most likely be able to prepare and serve the meal for the reception. In the case of a catering hall, be sure to ask whether they offer a stocked bar with a bartender or whether you would have to purchase your own alcohol and hire someone to tend bar.

Would you have to set up and decorate the room yourself in the days before the reception or will that be done for you? While it might seem a little pricier to have these services provided, it may be well worth it to have one less thing to do yourself as the time for the wedding comes closer.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as wedding planners at

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