Five Ways to Sneak Off Celebrate Valentines Day

Having kids does not have to put a damper on your romantic Valentines Day celebration. Couples with kids occasionally leave the Valentines Day celebration to take place behind closed bedroom doors once the kids have gone to bed. Of course, there are other options that are not quite as restrictive on your romantic evening.

Consider the following options to heighten your celebration and allow you to sneak away from the kids, if only for a little bit. Throw a Valentines Day Party for the Kids Get together with another couple you know that has kids and create an evening of Valentines fun for the kids. You can have them invite a few friends and plan a dinner (pizza and snacks) and some entertainment.

You might allow them to have party games or watch a movie marathon of their choosing. What they do does not particularly matter. While one couple is watching the kids, the other couple can sneak away for some much needed Valentines Day TLC. When the couple returns they can watch the kids and the other couple is off to have some fun. This ensures both you and your friends have a good time, and the kids do, too! Celebrate in the Afternoon If your children go to school or daycare during the day, the perfect solution is going to be for you to celebrate during the day. This gives you around eight hours of uninterrupted time with your lover.

You will be free to roam the city or your house with your lover without your children. Whether you choose to enjoy a quiet moment alone with your lover or you want to have some passionate lovemaking time, you will have plenty of time to do whatever pleases you both. Best of all, you will not have to worry about hurrying through the process, like you might if they were with friends or somewhere where the kids or other family members might come home too soon. Send them to the Movies & the Arcade If you have an older child or a willing babysitter, consider sending your kids out for a night on the town.

Dinner, a movie, and some arcade fun can easily clear four to five hours in an evening. A lot of pleasurable activities can occur in that amount of time. This would give you some time to enjoy your lover in all those important ways you took for granted before you had kids and it won't be that expensive to do either. Make Use of Grandma/Aunt (Family) If the kids have a grandma, aunt, or another family member who is constantly trying to spend more time with them and they do not have any plans, consider letting the kids stay the night with them on Valentines.

Not only will this thrill your family member who gets to spend time with the kids, but it will also allow you to have a full night to yourselves. You can create a sensual love den and do all of the things that you rarely get a chance to do. You can walk around naked or make love in any room of the house. By the end of the evening you will surely be elated and feeling better than you have in months! Sneak off for Bath-time Fun If the kids are home and they are there to stay there is still hope. Get them involved in an activity and then sneak off for some bath-time fun.

One parent can head off and get the bath ready while the other parent handles the kids. Once the kids are immersed in their activities the bath should be ready to go. Together, in the tub you can enjoy a sensual soak, some intimate conversation, and perhaps even some intimate lovemaking in the confines of your secret love nest. While this is not the most romantic option, if you miss time with your lover this is a good way to get it.

Of course, you can always wait until the kids go to sleep.

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